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The quality of women

The quality of women is exceptionally beautiful, intelligent and passionate.
It’s an amazing relationship. I have it all! Now I have the relationship I have always dreamt of! Thank you.

Mark Russell

Marketing Associate
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Sehr ehrliche und professionelle Arbeit!

Ich habe meine Frau und damit mein Glück mit der ehrlichen und professionellen Hilfe von Partnervermittlung4u endlich gefunden.
Diese Agentur kann ich jedem zu 100% empfehlen. Transparente Kostenstrukturen, ehrlicher Umgang mit den Kunden und professioneller Service. Alles war perfekt !
Zum Schluss, als es dann zum Treffen kam, konnte ich mein Glück kaum fassen. Alles war perfekt vor Ort organisiert. Ich konnte mich endlich mit der Frau meines Lebens persönlich treffen.
Ich kann meine Dankbarkeit gegenüber Partnervermittlung4u kaum ausdrücken. Vielen Dank für diese exzellente Arbeit.

Luther Ahlers

Partnervermittlung Ukrainian dating agency

Vielen Dank für diese tolle Arbeit!

Nach langer Suche nach einer Partnerin, fand ich endlich die Frau meines Lebens.
Zu Beginn war ich noch etwas skeptisch, da viele Partnervermittlungen im Internet sich zum Schluss als nicht professionell entpuppen. Doch bei Partnervermittlung4u war dies anders. Meine Erwartungen wurden sogar übertroffen. Es war eine konstant seriöse und sehr professionelle Arbeit, die von Partnervermittlung4u getätigt worden war. Bis zum endgültigen Erfolg!

Jan Neumann

patnervermittlung ukrainian russian dating agency single frauen

Dankeschön, Partnervermittlung4u

Eine Verbindung mit jemanden auf allen Ebenen herzustellen, ist fast unmöglich. Aber es ist mit passiert. Danke für die hervorragende, individuelle und stets ehrliche Betreuung durch Partnervermittlung4u.

Wir könnten glücklicher nicht sein.

Volker Bergmann

patnervermittlung-ukrainian dating agency single frauen

Ehrlichkeit und Effizienz

Nachdem ich einige Partnervermittlungen ausprobiert habe, empfehle ich Partbervermittlung4u ! Ehrlicher, professioneller Service. Endlich habe ich meine Traumfrau gefunden. Wir sind glücklich !

Danke für die Hilfe !

Johan Braun

patnervermittlung-ukrainian dating agency

Vielen Dank für Ihre super Service

Partnervermittlung4u ist ein professionelles und ehrliches Unternehmen. Vielen dank für Ihre erfolgreiche Hilfe und den super Service!

Heinz Weber


Start / About Partnervermittlung 4U our Ukrainian Dating agency / Philosophy

Our Partnervermittlung 4U-Ukrainian/Russian Dating agency’s goal is to successfully match you with the best East European female partner, Russian female partner or Ukrainian female partner for you through our professional dating agency.

Partnervermittlung 4U is a classic professional Ukrainian and Russian dating agency/matchmaker – based in Germany- that deliberately stands out from the anonymous online dating search market/ Russian Bride search agencies or matchmaking. Partnervermittlung 4U advises and supports you individually, personally and with all discretion. Your pictures won’t end up anywhere on the Internet. All of our Ukrainian ladies/ Russian ladies/ East European ladies and all of their details have been carefully checked before any is accepted into our serious professional dating agency for Ukrainian and Russian beautiful women. We only accept East European, ukrainian and Russian single women who are seriously looking for a partner.

Partnervermittlung 4U is owned and managed by German professionals and European dating experts.
What distinguishes us, in particular, from many competitors in the area of “dating Russian women” / “dating Ukrainian single women”: professionalism, seriousness, individual service, discretion.

These qualities are actually taken for granted in business. while they don’t exist much in many Russian Ukrainian dating agencies for East European single women. Almost everyone has an interesting and well-designed dating website with many beautiful Russian and ukrainian women, but can the many promises be kept?

For most Russian matchmaking, Ukranian dating websites, contacting by phone often fails because no matter how well-structured is the website of these Russian Ukrainian dating agencies, usually this kind of Russian or Ukrainian women dating agency is only an individual (a Russian or ukrainian woman) who operates as a Russian women dating agency only part-time and is therefore not available during the business hours specified on the dating website.

Often the owners of the Russian dating agency are women from the corresponding countries, who themselves have been referred to at some point in the past by a Russian Ukrainian dating agency. This is fundamentally a gratifying event, but is that a sufficient basis to run a business professionally and commercially correct (here: Russian Ukrainian East European dating agency)? You have to ask yourself this question.

We also asked ourselves and analyzed the market “Ukrainian dating agency / Russian bride search / East European women for dating”. Before Partnervermittlung 4U went to the market with its Russian Ukrainian professional dating agency for East European women, Partnervermittlung 4U conducted several market studies ourselves and additionally asked well-known market research companies to find out and understand what men want when dating a beautiful Russian woman, what dating experience they had with Ukrainian dating agencies / Russian bride search agencies, and what could be improved.

A very clear and repetitive answer from most of the men surveyed: most Russian Ukrainian dating agencies in the field of dating East European women lack professionalism, seriousness and discretion. In some cases it was reported by the men that funds were transferred abroad without any consideration and without the money recipients (Russian or ukrainian women) being reachable later.

Many of the men surveyed had already had negative experiences with online Russian Ukrainian dating services because the information provided by the East European women was incorrect or the picture of the beautiful Russian woman even showed another Russian woman or the picture was 10 years younger. Some of the men surveyed have registered with a classic Russian Ukrainian dating agency to meet Eastern European women but have not received the promised benefits.

Partnervermittlung 4U recognized that in the field of East European classic dating for Russian and Ukrainian women, many men would like to use the help and service of a classic (not online) professional Russian Ukrainian dating agency, but there was a gap in seriousness, professionalism and individual support.

Partnervermittlung 4U wanted to close this gap and we promise you the highest level of professionalism, seriousness, best individual service and discretion. With us everything is real.

From Partnervermittlung 4U point of view, Basic commercial training forms the basis for professionalism and seriousness. Just being mediated once is not a sufficient basis for successfully and honestly arranging dating with East European women. Every respectable businessman should have extensive economic expertise. Confidentiality, honesty, thrift, foresight, honesty, order, determination and hard work should every serious business have or acquire.

For an honorable businessman, business and ethics are inseparable, they are merged into one, with the aim of doing business successfully (creating value).

After analyzing the market (for dating Russian and ukrainian beautiful women) and realizing that there was a demand for professional and reputable classic (= not online) dating agency for east European women, Partnervermittlung 4U analyzed which Russian or ukrainian women could harmonize with men from Germany and Europe.

Partnervermittlung 4U looked at many countries and women and dating agencies on the spot. In the end, Partnervermittlung 4U is convinced that Russian and Ukrainian women would ideally suit our customers from Europe for several reasons.

The reasons for dating Russian or Ukrainian single women are:

  • Main reason: there are many very beautiful Eastern European girls and very well educated Russian and Ukrainian single women. It is crucial for the Ukrainian or Russian woman to take care of herself and to dress well and feminine.
  • Regular visits to the hairdresser are essential for the Ukrainian/Russian woman as are regular visits to a cosmetic salon, nail salon and pedicure.
  • Many Russian and Ukrainian women are naturally beautiful and also want to stay beautiful.
  • Ukrainian and Russian women know how to move and act as a woman.
  • Certainly Russian, Belarusian women and many women from other countries can say the same. But there are other advantages for a woman from Ukraine, namely …
    • visa exemption for women from Ukraine when entering the Schengen area.
    • An Ukrainian woman only needs a valid biometric passport to enter the Schengen area and thus also to Germany.
    • The sex ratio of the total population was 0.850 (850 males per 1 000 females) which is lower than global sex ratio. The global sex ratio in the world was approximately 1 016 males to 1 000 females as of 2019.
    • Good and regular (daily) flight connections to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Germany.

Everything you need to know about Partnervermittlung 4U service:

  • Partnervermittlung 4U is a reputable Russian and ukrainian dating agency/ Russian Bride search agency based in Germany with an individual range of services that accompanies and supports you on the way to your suitable partner ( Russian or Ukrainian beautiful intelligent woman). We work at the highest level.
  • Partnervermittlung 4U would be happy to suggest Russian and Ukrainian women who we think could harmonize with you through our matchmaking team.
  • So that Partnervermittlung 4U can start our work, please send us information about yourself and current photos in JPG format. Please fill out the partner check on our website. Here you can easily choose the women from our gallery.

Attention! You do not need a visa to travel to Kiev if you are a German citizen. The total flight time is about 3 hours.
Our advantages:

  • Professional care.
  • Partnervermittlung 4U accompanys and supports you from the beginning to the end.
  • Partnervermittlung 4U advises you competently and helps you organize your first meeting with the woman.
  • Partnervermittlung 4U prepares you both in Germany and in Kiev.

If you have found the right Russian or Ukrainian woman and would like to take the next step in your relationship, Partnervermittlung 4U will also help you to obtain the documents necessary for a marriage.
Partnervermittlung 4U value open and honest communication. A beautiful and functioning partnership always requires two. We therefore take into account both the needs and demands of women and men, because only in this way can mediation and the resulting partnership between men and women be successful in the long term.

You are also welcome to make a personal impression of Partnervermittlung 4U in advance in a personal appointment or phone call.
+49 159 063 584 57